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Welcome to Pico Productions, we are a Video Production Company based near Reading in Berkshire UK.

Makes short films, web videos & DVDs for clients in a variety of businesses and professions. We have over the years specialized in filming live events, and have worked with various schools and other organisations, many on an annual basis.

Uses its library of wildlife footage shot in the UK and overseas to support Wildlife organisations with projects and campaigns.

Read about Picowildlife's commitment to helping Whales & Dolphins

'Picobusiness' & 'Picowildlife' channels on YouTube show some of our latest work - follow link for:

For more information or ask to Quote for a project: Phone; 07890 765 860
or email: enquiries@picoproductions.co.uk

In the News
March 2021


    As an Event Filmmaker, from March all projects for 2020 have either been cancelled or postponed to a later date.

    But this has given the company an opportunity to assess its wildlife collection.
    Our work in this field is nearly always involve with Wildlife Conservation. So we would be happy to work with either new or existing clients, to produce something from our collection.
    We will also be using this collection to produce short clips, suitable for the various stock footage libraries.

    Filming Projects in 2020:

    We are back filming events for schools in the run up to Christmas. One school has asked us to take orders for their Christmas production the same as last year.

    Last Corporate Filming project before lockdown in 2020:

    Better You Better Business 2019:

    Film made for Sintassi of the event which take place in Reading on Friday 8th November 2019.

    DVDs of Previous Productions:

    If your child took part in a show filmed by Pico Productions in 2018 or 2019 and you did not buy a DVD at the time. Don't worry, DVDs for shows where orders were made through Pico Productions are still available. Use the link below and select a show.

    Productions in 2018 & 2019;

    We have various DVDs available for purchase online. Use the link below and follow the instructions.
    To select a previous 2018 Production DVD Click here.
    To select a previous 2019 Production DVD Click here

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